THE MACEDONIA



The Macedonia was built around 1887 by a local engineer as a luxury guest house catering for travellers. Lancefield did not have the gold found in central Victoria, or the natural beauty of towns with rivers and lakes. It had no mineral springs and the major farming activity was growing potatoes.

But the hope that the town would boom was strong in the late 19th century when The Macedonia and other landmark buildings were built.

In 1881 Lancefield was linked to Melbourne and Bendigo via the railway line. In 1892 the Lancefield to Kilmore line opened, linking the town to Sydney until the closure of this line in 1904. The boom, however, did not eventuate in the 1920s the mansion became a home for a family with five daughters and many servants. Later it became a hotel where there was illegal gambling and card games

In the 1950s and 1960s The Macedonia was used as a clothing factory and the first floor became derelict.  The army at some point took it over and used it for training. They built a pool and parts of the building still reflect the modifications they made. Years later it became a family home again.

The three storey mansion has 55 rooms

The Macedonia Antique Centre is now a new wine, bar and restaurant.



*Ghost of Eleanor, a servant girl who worked in the kitchen and lived in the top apartment, had a beau from Melbourne and she would often stand at the third floor window and wait for him to arrive. One day she was so excited at seeing him arrive that she rushed down the stairs, slipped and died. Locals say they sometimes see her ghostly reflection in the window of the third floor.

*Ghost of a gambler with a beard and wearing a blue chequered shirt, lost everything he owned one night. When he realised this he stood on the table and hanged himself from the light cord. He is said to lean over the balcony and has been known to have conversations with people.

*Ghost of a little boy, the son of one of the servants who was violently abused by the master is said to be near the original kitchen.






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