THE ROMA POLTERGEIST - 2006

In October, 2006, my fiancé, two brothers-in-law and I were renting a nice little house in Roma, Queensland, Australia. The first night I was there, it was just Joey and I; the other two were yet to move in. As Joey worked at night, I set about unpacking and doing the usual. I felt really uneasy while doing this. Although being home alone in a new place can make you feel uneasy, I had the distinct feeling that I wasn't alone and that I was being watched.

About two weeks later, after we were all in and unpacked, we had our first experience. The blinds behind the computer lifted up then slammed back down. Our cat, Strey, went over and had a look. She instantly put up her hackles and started to screech like a banshee and then, as if she had been hit, took off. We tried to vain to come up with a valid reason, but nothing made sense.

The next experience was when only Phil and I were home, as everyone else had gone to work. We were in the kitchen making dinner when we heard footsteps coming up the hallway. We both checked and nothing was there. We heard footsteps going up and down the hallway for about half an hour, then silence. The next was when my godson was going to sleep in Danny's bed. We were having a couple of drinks out side while my goddaughter slept in her pram and my godson was in the bedroom. He came out of the bedroom to tell us that someone was shaking the bed and he was scared. We went to go check it out, and as we all piled inside, Jaya's pram flew across the room with Jaya in it. She was unharmed, but it scared as half to death.

The next night we all felt the bed shaking. We were hanging out in Danny's room watching him play on the XBox 360 when the bed began to shake violently. After a moment it stopped as suddenly as it started. Needless to say, we were all silently freaking out. After that the bed never rocked so hard, but would still shake often.

Another night, Danny went to make something to eat and the broken CD player that wasn't plugged in began making the most horrifying noises. It sounded like a demonic voice. Another time, Joey, my fiancé, was in the shower. He had just turned the water off when he felt something grab his ankle, then let go. He quickly got out and started to dress. As he looked up into the mirror, he saw what he said was a man disappear behind him.

By now it was normal to hear footsteps going up and down the hallway, but even though it was normal we still felt unsettled. One night I was lying in bed with Strey lying on my belly. All of a sudden, she shot up and was staring beside me. I then heard a little girl giggle in my ear. At this, Strey took off out of the bedroom. I was too frightened to move.

Also, I forgot to mention that every child that came into that house was terrified of Danny's built-in wardrobe. Even we adults felt uneasy about it. Then, over Christmas, Joey and I went to Bundaberg and Phil went to Wondai while Danny stayed in Roma. On the first night he was alone, something was hitting all the windows and the CD player again began to make noises. Every time he entered a room, something would hit the window from the inside. As he tried to sleep, he kept hearing the hitting and then what sounded like a scream. He packed a bag and took off to a friend's house for the rest of the week.

On our return, things had been moved and the place was a bit of a mess, although after that night the place went quiet for about two weeks. Then it came back.

Once it came back, we started to hear footsteps behind us and following us around the house. This continued until about a month later when it stepped up another notch. We were in the lounge room while Joey was near the computer. All of a sudden, Johnny Cash's "I Won't Back Down" started to play backward through the computer speakers. Nothing was open on the computer and I don't think this song was even on the computer at the time. It stared to get louder and louder. It was louder than what the speakers could actually do. Joey turned the speakers off and it continued to play, then halfway through the song it stopped. We were all a little shaken over it, but tried to not freak out.

We had two cats by that time and they kept getting outside, although the house was closed tight. But when a window was open in this house, the blinds would be sucked up against the window. I noticed this next to the computer just after the music stopped. I thought I'd found out how our kitties had been getting out, but when I went to move the blinds to shut the window, the blinds suddenly released and started to shake, then stopped... the window wasn't open. We heard footsteps going up and down the hallway and we all went to the bedroom, but walking through the hall we felt and heard someone jump on the floor behind us.

Things stayed weird like that from then on. The day I found out I was pregnant, everything stopped. We no longer heard, felt or saw anything. One month later, we moved. Everyone that went to that house has a story and no one felt comfortable or alone there. No tenant has lasted more than six months either.

by Rebecca Ridge



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